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Is Car Detailing Worth It?

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Cars are considered a luxury for some, a necessity for others. Our lives revolve around instantaneous response to problems, and one of the solutions for transportation woes is purchasing your car. A lot of individuals don’t want to deal with the hassle of daily commute and sees the convenience of owning a car a much viable option in terms of practicality and function. However, being a car owner isn’t as fancy and exciting as it may initially appear. 

When you own a car, you have to undertake a lot of responsibilities. Aside from the road regulations that you need to follow, you’ll have to carry the burden of financial payouts that may come unexpectedly. We’re talking about repairs, maintenance, and regular car washing. For some individuals that aren’t much of a car enthusiast, the occasional trip to the car wash is already a good fix for their automobiles. But, whether you are a fan of cars or is driving one for the convenience of it, car detailing is a must. If you don’t have the slightest idea as to what car detailing is, then this guide is for you. 

Car Detailing: What is it? 

Car detailing is often compared with car washing. However, unlike car washing that only takes care of the external aspect of the car, detailing goes deeper and is more intricate when it comes to the overall process. 

Simply put, car detailing involves thorough cleaning and reconditioning of the exterior and interior of your car. Its primary purpose is to make your car look like you just drove out from a car dealership with a new ride.  

A trip to the car wash will only get rid of the mud, the dirt, and the dust from your car’s exterior. Vacuuming the insides of your vehicle will only catch loose dirt particles and not grime that is deep within your upholstery and frame. Car detailing includes thorough vacuuming, polishing, and buffing imperfections to make sure your vehicle looks like it can be displayed in a showroom.  

Car Washing VS. Car Detailing

Car washing is when you have your automobile washed through the use of industrial soaps, cleaners, brushes, and rugs. This process varies as it can be automated or through physical human labor. However, the automatic means is the more popular option for car owners wherein you’ll have to sit inside your car while you are navigating through a tunnel where brushes and soap are applied to your vehicle and wait until it is finished. 

Manual washing is prone to the risk of cross-contamination wherein the rugs being used for one car will be utilized for another. This leaves residue and untreated grime. More so, the clean you get from washing is not guaranteed. There are cases where automatic brushes leave scratches on your car. This mechanism is focused more on efficiency as there are a lot of vehicles lining up to have their car washed. 

In twenty minutes, you can have your car ready for another drive after a trip to the carwash. On the other hand, car detailing may take more than thirty minutes, depending on the condition of the car and your chosen package of service. The process of car detailing takes more than just cleaning. It involves restoration and preventive measures. 

Car detailing is done by highly-trained and skilled detailers. Most of the process involved is manual labor, and it is greatly-intricate. The detailer needs to look into every detail of your car for a fresh and deep cleaning. Car detailing is a meticulous and time-consuming process. 

Aside from washing your car with industrial soap and water, the following activities are done for the restorative aspect of auto-detailing. For the exterior restoration of car detailing, your vehicle needs to be rinsed, waxed, removed of tar and bug, degreasing, dressing, and more. For the interior aspect, your vehicle needs to undergo door jambs cleaning, steam cleaning, interior and trunk vacuuming, and more. 

How is Car Detailing Done? 

The process of car detailing may vary and depend on numerous service providers. However, it is a standard procedure that the exterior aspect of your vehicle is the first one to do. A thorough exterior wash is done wherein dust and dirt particles are rid of. Then, soap is applied unto your car and is foamed so that stubborn grime is softened and lifted from the surface of your vehicle. 

The detailer then uses specialized tools and equipment to get into the nook and cranny of your car. Unknown to many car owners, the dirtiest areas of your vehicle are brake calipers, lug nuts, and wheels. After those areas are washed off and cleaned, microfiber towels and washing mitts are utilized to dry the paint job of your car.

When polishing is done, the vehicle’s paint is waxed to add a protective layer. This will give off that noticeable shine, similar to when you first saw your car at a dealership. For the remaining exterior parts, such as rubber parts and windows, they are strategically cleaned and polished. The detailer will add his finishing touches for a well-cleaned, shimmering, and outstanding clean. 

As for the interior of your car, vacuuming and shampooing is an essential step. If leatherwork is present, scrubbing and conditioning is a must since dirt and dust is deeply ingrained in the material. Vinyl, plastic, and glass are also methodically treated and dressed.  

Benefits of Car Detailing 

1. Overall Clean and Comfort

Did you know that an average person spends about eight hours per week in their vehicle? It may be hard to believe, but your car can be compared to an extension of your home. It’s a personal space where you can sit and be idle for hours. With this in mind, most people would nod in agreement that they use that time to eat, read, listen to music and go for a relaxing drive. Dust, dirt, and food particles will eventually pile up, and you’ll smell nasty odor as time passes. If you want to achieve that hygienic clean and fresh smell that you used to enjoy when the car is still brand new, arranging for an auto detailing once a year will do the trick. 

2. Increased Vehicle Resell Value 

Are you eyeing a new car, planning to buy a home, or on the brink of an emergency financial ditch? If you are, then you might have reasons to sell your car. With the help of car detailing, your car will look like it’s brand new and is well-maintained. Numerous car washing won’t help you achieve that original shine. So, before you list your car as for sale, head over to a trusted service provider and have it detailed. When compared to vehicles of the same model and same year of age, your car will be appealing and more costly. Making it a worthy investment when the time comes. 

3. Added Protection to Your Vehicle

Many car owners don’t appreciate the value of preventive and protective measures until rust begin to break out and makes their vehicles look worn and under-maintained. The primary purpose of car detailing is restoring the vehicle’s appearance to its former glory and preventing further signs of wear and tear from becoming visible when compared to its usage. Thus, car detailing’s process of applying a wax coat to your car will protect it from elements such as dirt, dust, oxidation, and contamination. 

Final Question: Is it worth to have my car detailed? 

Of course, it is worth every penny to have your vehicle detailed. As mentioned in this article, detailing does more than restore your car’s overall condition from used, smelly, and dirty to its brand new status. More so, it protects your vehicle from build-up of grime and dirt that can damage your engine and other vehicle components when left untreated. It also cleans your car inside out! From your leather seats and up to the roof, everything will turn out sparkly and shiny, just like the day when you first set your eyes to your car. When you try to think of it, having your car detailed is a worthy investment than having to spend thousands of dollars for a new paint job, getting rid of rust, and other corrective measures that can be prevented, so, the next time you ponder if car detailing is a right decision for your vehicle, don’t think twice and immediately book an appointment here so that you can optimize your vehicle to its maximum potential.